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2020 NW Classic Motor Rally
Registration Form
Updated 08/09/2019
2020 NW Classic Motor Rally
Entrants List
Updated 08/04/2019

2019 NW Classic Motor Rally
Rally Scores
Updated 08/17/2019

2019 NW Classic Motor Rally
Entrants List
Updated 08/09/2019

The Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon invite you to participate in the Northwest Classic Motor Rally.
There are four great ways to participate:

Compete with Us - Enter the Rally

The Northwest Classic Motor Rally is a classic time-speed-distance road rally, and competitors may register for either of two classes: Standard or Vintage. The allowed equipment for each class is defined in the General Instructions, but basically the Standard Class allows use of the car’s original speedometer and odometer, clocks and watches, slide rules and single-memory, non-programmable calculators. The Vintage class allows only the original speedometer and odometer plus clocks and watches.

Cars Eligible for the Rally

A key element of this event is enjoyment of older vehicles. The sights, sounds and smells of classic or vintage vehicles form essential elements of the event. Therefore, cars participating in the competitive rally must be sports sedans, sports cars and other special interest vehicles manufactured before 1981. (Exceptions for cars manufactured after 1980 may be made by the organizers, in advance only, for cars that are not substantially different from cars of the same marque and model made in 1980. If the car you wish to enter requires an exception, contact the organizers by June 30 for determination of acceptability.)

Participate with us - Enter in the Tour

Competitive rallying is not for everyone, but the Northwest Classic Motor Rally is! If you would like to participate without the route-following challenges and the calculations necessary to remain “on time,” we offer the option to register for a tour only. The tour is conducted in a follow-the-leader format generally following the rally route and sharing the same great roads, great scenery and great food of the competitive rally. To register for the tour, please check the Tour box in the YOUR CAR section of the Registration Form.

Cars Eligible for the Tour

Any car may be entered in the Tour, and we encourage you to get your favorite car of any vintage on the road in the Tour. This is also an excellent option for those still shopping for a rally-qualifying car, or for those whose rally-qualifying car is under restoration or repair.

The registration fee covers the following for one car / two people:


• Gift bag
• Event clothing items
• Dash plaques
• Lapel pins
• Event posters
• Event program booklet
• Name tags
• Rally mini-school
• Hors d'oeuvres


• Full breakfast
• Catered lunch
• After-rally refreshments
• Banquet dinner


• Full breakfast
• Catered lunch
• Car wash facility and supplies, with refreshments
• Banquet dinner


• Early coffee in parking lot
• Brunch
• Car badge (for top 50 places)
• Trophies (for top three places)

Help Us - Be a Volunteer

Another great way to participate is by volunteering. We have a wide variety of requirements for volunteers ranging from Thursday set-up, checkpoint workers, and food and beverage coordinators. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for a list of available positions. 

Support Us - Be a Sponsor

Yet another great way to participate is via sponsorship. We offer three levels of sponsorship ranging from $300 to $1,000.  Please contact the Sponsor Coordinator for a Sponsorship Schedule and to discuss the possibilities.